Monday, September 1

Five mosquito bites ... and they really itch

Okay, I'm super tired, but I know it's been days since I blogged, so I thought I would toss something up here for you and hope that it sticks as a decent post.
Brian and I just got back from a weekend in Houston. I know, I know, Houston in August? Dumb much? But we went to go meet Jon and Emily's new little boy, Benjamin, before he got too much older, and really knew that we only had this weekend to do it. But here's the fun part that I bet you missed in my first sentence: "Brian and I just got back..." Yes, my friends, I just returned from my first weekend away from my child ... and it was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. I loved that I didn't worry about her at all because she was with Lisa and Brad (my sister in-law and brother in-law). I loved that I didn't have to change a diaper for more than 48 hours. I loved that temper tantrums and hunger weren't my issues to deal with for those days. I loved that we could be that couple that we were about 23 months ago, before that little tornado entered our lives.
Don't get me wrong -- I missed her terribly. I really find myself wondering how I got through those days without even the littlest baby hug or a look at her smile. But I'll tell you, I'm really proud of how well I did with the whole thing. I wasn't psycho calling Lisa every two hours. I didn't cry once ... not once ... from the moment of leaving her in Tucson, to getting her back today. And that, more than anything, tells me that I'm a pretty well-adjusted mom, even if the child is my life and sunshine for every waking (and sleeping, come to think of it) moment of the day. I'm so excited that I handled it so well. And even more excited that Sydney handled it well, too. She didn't cry when I left, and apparently, didn't miss me all that much during the days she was with her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Brad. The whole situation, from beginning to end, was a positive and happy thing for me, and I'm totally looking forward to doing it again!

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