Saturday, September 6

Doggy doors are awesome

Seriously, if this puppy ends up being potty-trained at 10 weeks old, it'll be crazy. Happily, but with concern, we moved the puppy pad out onto the balcony this afternoon, and I'm afraid, but pleased, to say that there haven't been any accidents inside since ... yet. Of course, we had to take Daisy outside all afternoon, every 30 minutes or so, to show her where to pee out there, and then wait for her to go, and then give her big, loud positive re-enforcement and a treat. But anyway, a few hours later, the pup goes outside by herself to poop. And then, like half an hour later, she went outside to pee! An independent move to venture outside for urination?! Reason to party!! Of course, I know that she could very easily regress and just open up on the carpet where her pad used to be, but let's have some optimism! And you know what this all means, right? Kimmie gets to call and schedule some carpet cleaners! Rock on!

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