Tuesday, September 9

The big letdown

Well, it's been about 12 years since I first saw the last first-season episode of The Big Easy, and having seen it again last night, I can say that it was just as disappointing as I remembered it being then. When I started watching the DVDs a couple weeks ago, I remembered liking the show, but then also being very irritated with how it ended, or at least with what happened to motivate me into not watching it anymore. I couldn't remember specifically what bugged me, but knew that whatever it was, it left a meh in the pit of my stomach.
I would describe it for you as a bit of the Moonlighting curse, but really not so much. These two main characters, Remy McSwain and Anne Osborne, had some healthy sexual tension throughout the entire season. It was really good stuff in the first, like, five episodes, but then it kind of faded into the background ... up until the final episode of the season. Finally, they're stuck in a life-or-death situation! Finally, they're admitting that they want each other! Finally, they're making out again!
Of course, because it's television, they get interrupted, there's the big plot climax, and then the situation is resolved. But then, they are together again in Remy's apartment, and they totally want to act, and then decide that they will, and then ... pow! Fade to black as they're walking into the bedroom?! What the frick is that all about?! Argh! All the tension and none of the payoff?! Frustration!
But then it dawned on me: duh, this is exactly what happened 12 years ago, and I'm exactly as irritated. And if I remember right, season two begins in a funky way, and made me even more disenchanted with the show. Season two comes out on DVD in a couple weeks. And since I do these things to myself, I will Netflix that season, too, and bring the pain.

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