Sunday, July 6

Two movies in one weekend: priceless

Well, it was a weekend. We did have a good time, though we were all pleased to get home today. I'm happy to note that Sydney did awesome in the car both ways: three hours each way, and with no sleeping. I have no illusions that she will be that easy on our trip out to Cali at the end of the month, but at least now I know that she has the ability to be a decent child for a few hours of backseat time. On the longer trip though, I will be sure to bring the DVD player and all my bootleg Backyardigans DVDs.
On the ultimate high note, we were able to see two movies, in a theater, this weekend. Lovely thing, a free babysitter, you know? We caught both Hancock and Wanted. The movies themselves, well, honestly, were not that amazing, though they were entertaining. Again, that is really all I require from my films. Still, being that we were so looking forward to them, I'm a bit disappointed. But here's the newsflash: In this little town in southern Arizona, in both movies, a couple brought a baby into the theater. Not the same couple or baby in each movie ... no, no, no. A different couple with a different baby in a different movie ... two days in a row ... in the same theater. I'll say to you what I asked of Brian: What the hell? Who brings a baby to the movies? I mean, damn it! I went to the movies to escape a baby, not sit frickin' two rows and five rows, respectively, from a baby! I was so irritated! But then, I think I was more irritated because the babies were so good throughout the films. The first, about eight months old I would guess, squawked a little bit, but having a bottle, being bounced a bit, and sitting back on her daddy's lap was enough to keep her entertained by Hancock. The second, about the same age, seriously, I didn't even hear. Had I not seen the stroller (stroller!) enter the theater, I wouldn't have even known that the kid was there.
Really, who are these kids and where can I get a still and happy theatergoer like them? Jeez, if Sydney could be so well entertained in an actual movie theater so I could see an actual movie, I would be the happiest entertainment junkie mom on the planet!

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