Thursday, July 10

Still not cool enough to turn off the a/c

You know you live in a ridiculously consistent desert environment when ... a thunderstorm that may last for three days rolls into town and you spend 30 minutes outside on your balcony watching the rain and lightning as if you've never seen anything like it before in your life. Thus was the end of my evening. They say that this storm will hang out for a while, but I am almost ready to declare shenanigans on that. However, if that does end up to be the case, the high temperature may not even reach 98 degrees tomorrow or Saturday, making this the most tolerable July weekend ever recorded in this area. Actually, that was a blanket assumption on my part, and is probably not true at all, but it sounds good.

Shingles Watch: Day 6
Check me out, you guys, I've got a crusty on the back of my head. Yep, that's the consensus from the guy who has to look at my shingles every night. I am rocking one crusty bump, and the rest, I believe, have shrunken even more today. My ear is still home to several itchy little bumps that are not red enough for anyone to see, and the larger bumps behind it are shrinking, too. I love Valtrex and its ability to make this disappear a little more every day. I'm really beginning to think that the "Shingles Watch" will only be relevant for another couple days (but really, at least three more, as that's how many more pictures of roof shingles I have on my desktop). Yahoo!

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