Wednesday, July 9

One less candy to deny myself

So it's a bit of a better day today, and I know that because I bought a new candy bar to try. The "3 Musketeers Mint" seemed to wink and flip its hair at me from the rack in the check-out aisle at Toys R Us, and I could not say no to it. I waited until after lunch, when, with a clear palette, I was able to savor the bar with no other undue influences. And let me say that, even though the flavor was good, and the minty was refreshing, I don't think I'll be purchasing another. It was a charming little bit of candy, an inspired confection even. But I like my candy to knock my socks off, figuratively, and to give me a healthy dose of food-guilt, literally. It just ... didn't do anything for me.

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