Friday, July 11

I like that word: crusty

Shingles Watch: Day 7
I think, based on my own investigation, that there is more than one crusty bump on my head, but that the shingles are definitely on their way out. My ear still itches a bit, but even those little bumps are a bit crusty. I guess I should define crusty: it feels like really dry skin, kind of like a scab actually, but it's only about the size of a pencil tip. I guess this is the part where I'm contagious, but truthfully, none of it is ooze. These little crusties come off like scabs too, dry and flaky. I'll take all these developments as a good sign.

As I predicted with my declaration of shenanigans, the rainy thunderstorms that were supposed to last for days are already gone. In fact, there was a ton of blue sky early this afternoon. The humidity (and my frizzy hair) left something to be desired, but on the whole, it was a good, non-115 degree day.
I finally bought Brian and I a new shelving storage piece for our bathroom. The piece we have now, an over-the-toilet etagere that's moved from Phoenix to Allston, Mass. to Boston, back to Scottsdale, is on its last leg. But, more than that, Sydney can reach all the stuff on it from a standing position on the toilet. And it's unstable. So really, I need something to attach to the wall that can be positioned quite a bit higher than what we've got. Anyway, I was planning on replacing it today, but instead went on a "Kimmie-time" bender that had me pigging out at the movies and getting a pedicure while the kid stayed home with Megan. The new shelving piece now has been moved to tomorrow's list.

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