Tuesday, July 1

Cable box, heal thyself

I sometimes fascinate myself on my own levels of bizarre obsession and indifference. Like right now, I'm surprisingly indifferent to one of my favorite obsessions. The cable box in our bedroom has been ... unreliable at best, and frickin' frustrating at its worst ... for the last several months. In fact, this evening, I actually hit the box with my remote. I'll explain: it's late in registering remote commands, such as channel changing up and down, or directly to a different channel, and more irritatingly, has been going offline regularly, forcing me to reboot it and wait for the whole thing to come back up. All in all, there are worse problems to have, and I get that, but jeez, we spend too much money with Cox for me to be having this issue. But here's the funny part: This entire thing bugs me so much, but I have yet to get off my ass and call Cox and complain, or go by their little store and trade the box for a new one. But I think tonight's act of violence against the box will motivate me to call them tomorrow and get this taken care of. I'm done with it, really.

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