Saturday, June 28

Where was Casey Jr.?

We went to a circus today.
The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was in Phoenix this week, and I had bought tickets for Brian, Sydney and I to attend today. It started out a bit shaky this morning when I heard Sydney stirring around 5 a.m. I knew that, if she was awake that early, she would not be interested, at all, in a late nap, which is what she was in for this afternoon. At any rate, we got dressed, got some money, and drove down to the U.S. Airways Arena downtown. We got a sweet parking spot, and didn't have to wait in the crazy ticket lines, so it really started out okay. And it was awesome, absolutely, until we got about 45 minutes into it, and Sydney started to get restless. This, I have found, is usually the beginning of the end. All it took was a couple slower acts in the midst of the opening half, and they had completely lost her. Suddenly, she wasn't content to sit ... she wasn't interested in snacking on anything ... she didn't want to be held, but also didn't want to not be on us ... and finally, she pitched a fit because we wouldn't let her go running amongst the seating row. So, at intermission, we left. Seriously. We got our picture taken on the circus elephant photo opportunity, and we left for home. So, that, in its entirety, was the joy of the family circus day.

Weird things that have plagued my head throughout the past several hours:
~ I couldn't look at the animals without thinking that they should probably be treated better than they are at the circus. You've seen the special reports on television, right? How do you not think of that when you see the elephants?
~ They were charging $12 for a bag of cotton candy and a cheesy paper hat to go with it. Huh? Who knew that spun sugar and paper could be so expensive?
~ I don't get how people are afraid of clowns.
~ I vaguely remember seeing a circus a hundred years ago. But I wonder if that was a figment of my imagination. It was probably dirtier than this one, but hopefully, more entertaining with less ringmaster singing. Seriously, the guy wouldn't shut up. We were like, "Dude! We came here to see circus acts and stuff! Get out of the ring!"
~ Carnies.
~ How do six motorbikes in a round steel cage not run into each other?
~ Thank the goddesses that this event was in an air-conditioned venue instead of an impossible-to-cool-entirely, three-ring, circus tent.
~ My goodness, am I going to have to do this again in a couple years when she'll really want to go?

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