Saturday, June 7

Robert Downey Jr. is still awesome

What do you with the information that your kid is so much easier on the babysitter than she is on you? Come to find out that when Megan told Sydney it was "night-night" time and that she needed a fresh diaper, Sydney walked back to her room, pulled out the diaper pad, and actually laid down on it. ... Um, huh? Laid down on it? Is this the same frickin' kid who goes into kicking fits every time I lay her down for a change? What the f*ck am I doing wrong when it comes to changing the diaper? How is Megan doing it that it becomes a much better situation? Of course, I'm a bit put out by this information. Rest assured that I will ask these questions next time Megan is here.
But to the evening's activities. Brian and I went on a nighttime movie date. We enjoyed some yummy dinner and saw Iron Man. First of all, I will say that Iron Man is easily the coolest movie we've seen so far this year. Yes, best movie so far this year. But with that experience comes the crashing realization that we really enjoy our morning movie matinees. I don't think it's an "old" thing. I think it's more like just that we don't like a whole lot of people in the theater. We got squeezed into the second to last row, and sat on the aisle. We prefer the middle of the row, and I prefer closer to the middle of the theater. We arrived too late to make any of those decisions. Now, here's where we get old. We were surrounded by teenagers, and swore that they would ruin the movie. They didn't, and we had to admit to a sway into age discrimination. Ugh. At any rate, we thoroughly enjoyed our night out, and I'm super glad that Sydney was easy on Megan ... even if, every day, she manages to make the simplest tasks pure hell for me.

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