Wednesday, June 4

Raise your hand to be v.p.

I can't stand the political machine. Sometimes more than others, which is to say, today. Why should Barack Obama pick Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate? Why is that something he needs to do? Political pundits all over the place are saying that he must. I mean, these two have just spent months and months tearing each other apart, disagreeing on a ton of stuff, and just generally hating the stuffing out of each other. And now so many people want them to simply make up and be happy on a ticket together? You know what, I don't think so. There's no place for Clinton on Obama's presidential ticket. Frankly, I wouldn't trust them on a ticket together simply because they did spend so much time hating each other this year. I like my president and vice president to get along, or at give the impression that they get along. I don't believe that the Obamas and the Clintons would mesh well in the White House. Certainly not after the Clintons had actually lived there for eight years, and now would be shacking up in the v.p's less-luxurious digs. There's just too much going on there for this kind of election. I'm very intrigued to see who Obama and his committee do decide on, but I'll bet you anything it's not Clinton.

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