Thursday, June 12

Next high school reunion: 2011

I'm fascinated recently by high school marriages gone sour, and how that affects the participants in every high school reunion for the rest of their lives. Really, I look forward to my high school reunions, and seeing people I haven't seen in years. Could you feature knowing that if you went to your reunion, more than likely, you would run into your ex in a hallway? And what if you both had a lot of the same friends? I'm intrigued. I know that there were a few relationships in my high school that resulted in marriage. I also know that a couple of those have resulted in divorce. And what if the divorce was a particularly nasty one? Do these people now avoid anything to do with their high school? I'm just intrigued by the feeling of dread that may or may not fall upon someone when they know that their ex will probably be at the next reunion. I'm looking forward to our next reunion (Lisa, I'm going to be your third wheel again! It was too much fun last time!). I'd be bummed to be not excited about it. I guess I'll just be happy that I don't have anyone to make me uncomfortable about being there.

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