Tuesday, June 17

Microwaved mac and cheese is an art, you know

There are so many wives who might feel guilty about staying home all day and not having a lovely, gourmet meal, if not waiting for, planned for, their husbands when they come home. I am not one of those wives. In fact, I rarely have anything planned for when Brian gets home except a stop on the sofa and a few minutes of rest. But tonight, I am feeling proud of my wifery. I asked him what he wanted for dinner, and I cooked it for him.
I microwaved the best dinner for my husband tonight: chicken wings and macaroni and cheese! No, it wasn't gourmet, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was exactly what he wanted, and made to perfection in a short 15 minutes. How many dinners can match that pedigree? And I got a nice thank you out of it, too.
So even though I don't feel guilty about not cooking for my husband (he's always been the real cook in this family anyway), I'm quite pleased at creating a yummy dinner for him tonight. And for that, I feel even less guilty about getting a pedicure tomorrow!

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