Monday, June 23

It's like they squirreled their stuff away

Okay, so it's been a while since I've written anything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that happens.
So, what's the what? Well, Mom was here over the weekend. And that means a lot of food, fun and time with the family. Did we do anything specifically cool? Not really, but it was a good time anyway! We had lunch with Roberta on Saturday; enjoyed Starbucks beverages five times in four days (much more than my diet usually allows); hung out at Grandma's house; ate at two restaurants in one day with my kid (who decided to cooperate even less than normal); and thoroughly enjoyed the services of a babysitter on Friday. I say, Huzzah!
On another extremely cool note, my downstairs neighbors moved out of their apartment in the middle of the night, we think. Well, we know that they're not there anymore, and that the apartment is mostly empty, and that we've slept well the last weekend, but I find myself happily distracted by when they got all their stuff out of the place. All I ever saw was one of the tenants moving handfuls of belongings into a car one afternoon. Then, suddenly, there was nothing in the apartment. And it's not like they had only little stuff. There was a big fish tank, a huge television and sound system, and even furniture, but I never saw any large trucks or even any of the stuff being toted out. I like the mystery, of course, because in the end, they're still not living below us anymore.

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