Saturday, June 14

I'm actually laughing at my own suggestion

ITEM!: Hey, my peeps, guess what! I'm reading a book! Yes, I have taken a selection from my Summer Reading List 2008 and began to actually read it yesterday afternoon while the kid slept. And then, last night, I read some more of it! And during today's naptime, I read even more! Now, I'm more than halfway through it! Huzzah! Look at me! I've once again joined the literate! I LOVE READING! I should do it more often!
ITEM!: Oh my gosh, have you seen this picture? It's of one of the tornadoes that touched down in the middle some time last week. This person had the absolute nuts to stand right where she did, and snap this incredible photograph, and still get away with her life and the camera. Amazing. It really looks like something straight out of Twister, or some other natural disaster film. I'm so impressed with this. I love the beauty of it, you know? The swirling clouds, the ultimate danger of it. Very impressive.
ITEM!: Because of our "member" status, Brian, Sydney and I were invited to take part in an "exclusive" preview of the new Children's Museum here in Phoenix today. And let me say, it was awesome! We had such a great time! Of course, there is quite a bit of work to be done in the museum -- there were still wood stairs, empty exhibit spaces and stark concrete floors -- but I think it'll be an amazing place once it's finished. I can't wait to take Sydney in once more activities are available! (AUNTIE DONNA ROCKS!)
ITEM!: We have no babysitter tomorrow, so I'm to entertain, not only Sydney, but her father all day on this Father's Day. And the best part? It's supposed to be about 111 degrees tomorrow. What the hell am I going to come up with for a good time? (Hell, of course, being the appropriate wording for the weather we're dealing with this weekend and into the week.) I'm at a loss. Wait a tick ... do any of you think Sydney would sit and chill while we watch The Incredible Hulk?

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