Friday, June 27

HOMES: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior

I like coming up with word associations for random things. It's a fun, mental challenge for me, and I dig that it tests my creativity. A couple examples: "dreadlocks look dreadful" (that one I came up with just for Mom), and "it's a Challenge to remember which butter I prefer," created because I came home one day with Land O' Lakes. The other day, I was tasked to find one to remind me that the mega-sized toilet paper rolls from Charmin will not fit in the standard holders for extra toilet paper in our bathrooms. (Jumbo-sized, though, fits just fine.) How many times have I bought the mega sized? I think only once before this. Clearly, I did not remember that. And because of that lapse, I've been watching the rolls for when they end, and installing the mega rolls for use before we're stuck in a situation where you have to use the spare rolls in the immediate area. Neurotic? Psycho? Ridiculous? Perhaps, but tonight, I've put out the last of my mega rolls. And I've come up with the word association to keep me from making that mistake again. It's really a no-brainer: "No-mega." "No mega rolls" said to sound more like "omega" with an "n" at the front. Not the most clever I've ever come up with, but I think it might win in a contest as the most obvious.

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