Wednesday, June 18

Free and at-home bang trim

What a lovely day! Fun at music class, yummy lunch, pedicure, grocery store and fantastic dinner with Chris and Katy! Huzzah! Now, that's the kind of Wednesday I could really go for more often! And the best part of my day today? Mom coming out tomorrow! We've got a weekend full of great activities, and I'm really excited about being busy over the next few days.
Random giggle: It's so hot here recently (excessive heat warnings over the last couple, and next few, days), that my fun, 4 p.m. newscast has taken it into their heads that what we all need is a reason to laugh at this ridiculous weather. Today, they invited people in the area to e-mail their best and favorite "Arizona heat" jokes into the station, where producers would read and select the best to be broadcast on the show. This afternoon's jokes were too stupid to remember, but I look forward to the next few days, or until the segment reaches its end. I think this is a great idea to encourage viewer participation, but also to do exactly what they aim to do: give us a reason to laugh at how f*cking hot it is here.
You know, one of the best reasons to be excited to have a husband who works in any industry that depends on his hands is that he's got an incredibly steady hand. And this works out best when one has bangs that have grown too long to tolerate. Yay me!
Also, celebration upon celebration, I think my downstairs neighbors are moving out. I saw one of them taking stuff from the apartment into their car this afternoon. Can I say, hot damn?! How much nicer will life be without these people living below me? As discussed today, we'd have a tough time finding someone as bad, so we may have a comfortable final nine months here!

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