Monday, June 23

"Faith," "Too Funky," and "Freedom 90"

Do you see that guy right there? Right over there to the left of what you're reading right now? That, my friends, is George Michael, performing the shit out of an awesome concert last night. It's been a while since I've been knocked over by a performer, but last night's event certainly qualifies as a show that did that. Seriously, his voice sounded perfect; the song selection was very well done (except for the second half, before the encores, because it was all the new, dance-y tunes that I didn't know); he looked fantastic; and he even seemed pleased to be performing for us. And that last makes any concert worth the money, doesn't it? Katy and I had a great time! I simply love, love, love hanging out with her! We had a good dinner, drank a few drinks, and got somewhat lost walking from Arizona Center to US Airways Center (yay, pedicab!). And while I knew that the people-watching would be the best, I was truly a bit unprepared for some of the fantastic people we saw walking around that venue. Every single demographic category was represented, as well as gnomes!
Right now, as I sit here, my legs are a bit sore from all the dancing, my throat's aching from all the singing, my ears are lightly ringing from the woman behind us that screamed, "I love you," as well as other blood-curdling phrases all night, and, if I had the chance, I would go again tonight in a frickin' heartbeat.

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-T. said...

I'm SO jealous!! You can NOT take the George Michael out of the girl...I had a poster of him almost 20 years ago and I pre-purchased his latest album on ITunes. GLAD YOU HAD FUN