Sunday, June 8

Big Brown, you rock!

While I would have thoroughly enjoyed watching a bit of history be made yesterday, I am filled with giggles over the fact that, well, Big Brown just didn't feel like running. You know, it's the same with dog shows, really: No matter how well they're trained, or primped, or whatever, if they need to scratch their ear in the middle of the judging, they will, because they're dogs. And the fact that this horse, who, according to most everyone, had the ability and temperament to win the first Triple Crown in however many years, just didn't want to run faster than the other horses is awesome. Probably not-so-awesome to the people who bet on him, but to me, he's a frickin' horse hero. My goodness, he's gorgeous, isn't he? I appreciate that there's some real disappointment associated with this, but on the whole, you can't blame the horse, because he doesn't understand what was riding on this race. He just knew that he was feeling a bit icky, and didn't really want to do what they all wanted him to do that day.

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