Monday, June 2

Baby likes mint ice cream

So it's the second day of June already, and I haven't written to you a thing about the last few days. Not that all that much has happened, but you know, I like to talk about what's going on.
First though, today, Sydney and my grandma and I took a trek down to the Arizona State Capitol building for the proclamation and launch of the state quarter for Arizona. Thankfully, it was early enough in the morning so we didn't roast, but the entire event was pleasantly surprising. Upon arrival, we got a kick-ass parking spot in a structure close by; the event was in a tented, shaded area of a park; there was free water and fruit for anyone who wanted some; we got minimal chitchat from the politicians and directors; free ice cream was on hand; and finally, any child younger than 18 received a free quarter. (Sydney got two: one for our collection at home and one for Grandma. We went to two different lines. Shh. Don't tell anyone.) You know, this morning, I had no idea what Sydney and I were going to do this morning. This afternoon, we're happy and content with our spontaneous activities, and even more pleased that Grandma was able to accompany us!
What else? Brian and I finally got to catch a new movie this past weekend: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! I love going to the movies on a weekend morning with my hubby. There were only about 15 people in the theater, too, so it was nice, cool and quiet ... as well as childless. As for the movie, we totally dug it. Brian usually doesn't get super excited about movies, so when he tells me that it was a good movie right as we're leaving it, I know he enjoyed it.
Anything else? How about our lovely ASU softball team making into the World Series?! Awesome! Brian's watching softball! Go Sun Devils!

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