Thursday, June 5

Apples are bad for other fruit

I've got nothing for you tonight. Except to say that I'm glad the Celtics won. Beyond that, well, the kid and I did little to nothing today, and that there is a definite difference between blueberries bought at AJ's and blueberries bought at Albertson's. Also, did you know that keeping apples in the same space with your other fruit in the refrigerator makes the other fruit ripen and get older quicker? I read that in a magazine, then asked my smart guy, and yes, that's the truth. I will spare you the incredibly ... incredibly ... detailed explanation I received upon asking the question. Simplified: apples give off a chemical while ripening that causes other fruit to ripen faster than it normally would, thus, it goes bad faster. Keeping the apples in a separate area, or in a plastic bag will help. Can you really believe that I found myself obsessed with this information and have thereby rearranged my refrigerator and added some of those produce-friendly storage bags to my grocery store list? It's the truth; I'm now absolutely positive that this must be taken care of in my own kitchen ... as soon as possible. You knows it'll be done this weekend, right?
I've got issues, my friends, I really do.

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