Friday, June 6

Actually, the movie was punishment

How is it possible for that many magazines to accumulate over a relatively short period of time? I just leafed through a hefty stack of InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, Raising Arizona Kids, and Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn catalogs, which have, apparently, been multiplying while I've been occupied with other things. Of the stack of 18 magazines, only five periodicals remain in my reading stack. I like it better like that.
Of course, since I can't concentrate on only one thing at a time, I also watched The Punisher while going through this pile of paper. This is not a good movie. But sometimes, I just absolutely have to watch the Netflix movie, whether I think it'll be good or not. I had low expectations for this one, if only because John Travolta plays the bad guy. Did you ever notice how ridiculously over the top Travolta's acting is when he's playing the bad guy? Face-Off and Broken Arrow spring immediately to mind. Frightening. Actually, there were a lot of random actors in this movie, including Samantha Mathis, Roy Scheider, Rebecca Romijn, that guy from Gone in 60 Seconds, Livingston from the Ocean's movies, and the skinny creepy guy in a ton of other movies, but here he's a good guy.

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