Friday, May 2

They have a $27.8 million goal

Hey, you guys. So I'm home for the weekend. And being here affords me the rare pleasure of going through the mail when it arrives ... you know, checking out Mom's catalogs and reading through some of the cheesy stuff she gets in her post box. Yesterday gave me a particular joy. Howie got a letter from President Bush! Mom was just going to toss it out, but I really had to pick it up and read through it.
First off, it starts out "My Friend." (Because really, he needs all the friends he can find right now.) "During the last seven years, you have stood shoulder to shoulder with me to meet the challenges that faced our country." (Mainly because none of us have had a choice in the decisions you've made for our country, but do go on...) "Laura and I are forever grateful for your help and steadfast commitment." Please, please let history show that I'm not as big an ass as I think it might. "As the 2008 elections draw closer, I ask for your continued support for our Party and our important principles." Let's continue to deny homosexuals the rights they deserve. "The outcome of these elections will set our nation's course for a generation." Just like mine have; you know, the course if stomping all over the Constitution. "The mission of every Republican must be to keep the White House and retake the U.S. House and Senate." And here's the pitch: "We must elect a new Republican president in order to defend America and extend our nation's prosperity." 'Cuz I am rocking that right now.
Anyway, it goes on from there, chatting about how the Democrats will turn back the clock, (and I add wistfully,) if only we could; how the Republican National Committee is "at the forefront of the effort to retain the White House" and how the Bushs and Cheney are giving the candidates (is there more than one, really?) the maximum support to defeat the Democrats. But please send money!
Yep, the whole thing is, of course, a pitch for cash. "Your gift of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or $25 to the RNC will go a long way towards electing a Republican president, retaking control of Congress and regaining a majority of statehouses." They fail, in typical political fashion, to mention that the reason they lost control of Congress and the statehouses is because of the current Republican administration. But don't think about that, little Republican constituents. Just send money, because once you get John McCain in office, Bush won't be the guy stuck with all these problems anymore. And just because he started this whole thing in Iraq, he won't have to be the president on the hot seat who calls it a failure and has to pull out of the country and deal with the worldwide aftermath of it.

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