Thursday, May 22

These rain drops is numbered

So we're having what they've been calling a "severe weather" situation. Yes, in Arizona, it's severe weather. In Boston, it's called a rain storm. But whatever the reasoning and exaggeration, we are loving the actual weather that's going on today ... and it's supposed to be continuing tomorrow. I'm hoping that it keeps up through the weekend, but I'm pretty sure that flight of fancy will be dashed sometime on Saturday. But as it stands right now, I'm wearing a sweatshirt, sitting on my bed with a curled up dog, and a chilly breeze is flowing through the sliding door. My kid's cozy in bed in some long pajamas, and my husband is cooling on the sofa in a t-shirt and boxers because this could be the last time he's cold in months because "this place is like hell."

I've had some journalism/grammar issues lately with the world, and I've just got to spout off about them in the only forum where I can do such a thing. So, in the movie, Chaos, I ran into a crazy brick wall at the very beginning, which killed the entire premise as being decent at all. It's random, but the opening credits roll over newspaper clippings of an event and the subsequent consequences of the event. The headlines of these pieces ... were totally off. The capitalization was completely and absolutely wrong, and the entire time they flashed across the screen I could do nothing but correct those problems in my head. It made me angry. Would it have killed the movie guys to have an actual journalist or editor look at these "clippings" before they created them for the screen? Huh? Would it? Lazy, is all I can say.
Also, you know those new t-shirts at Gap? Those fancy, artist-rendered shirts? Here's the promotional text: In celebration of the Whitney [Museum of American Art] Biennial, Gap has collaborated with visionary artists to create a collection of limited edition t-shirts. What's bugging me about this? The t-shirt designed by Rirkrit Tiravanija is a bold piece of plain white with one statement commanding the whole shirt: "The days of this society is numbered." Okay, kids, since when does being a visionary artist mean you can just fly in the face of proper grammar and say, hey you, I'm going to say this wrong ... and I'm going to put it on a t-shirt in a hugely popular store! It's so painful, and every time I walk past a Gap window, my head hurts. The Gap web site wouldn't let me copy the image, or I would be making you all look at it, too.

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