Wednesday, May 14

Table for eight, please

So, did you hear? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are pregnant with twins. Actually, funny story, the news was broken by Jack Black, who was conducting an interview next to Jolie, when he cracked a joke about the Jolie-Pitts becoming a new Brady Bunch with the new little ones on the way. Faced with that information suddenly out there, and Jolie not needing to lie, she confirmed it. I say, good for them! I know, I know. I was all, more than three kids is irresponsible. But here's my logic: Really, only three of their six children are theirs biologically. As we all know, the others are adopted. It's not like they're actually creating a soccer team ... or two ... for their own enjoyment and because they can't find the condoms in a drug store aisle. So yes, I will be deliciously judgmental and say that I love Angelina and Brad, with all their children, as a family. And good for them for seeing kindred spirits in each other and making it work. Can anyone really begrudge them their love and lives together now?

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