Thursday, May 15

Still, there are 10 more in the kitchen

I stopped by a new cupcake shop today. It's called Sprinkles, and is located here in Scottsdale. [Editor's note: This photo is not of a Sprinkles cake or any other shop mentioned in this post.] Well, since we were trying the place out for the first time, I picked up a nice assortment of the cupcakes they had on sale ... carefully avoiding those that contained banana. Seriously, a cupcake with banana in it. Who would ruin a perfectly wonderful cupcake by putting banana in it? Some freak in the back of a Sprinkles shop, apparently. Anyway, I got a couple dark chocolate, some red velvet, a vanilla, a cinnamon sugar, a black and white, some lemon and a mocha. So far, I've only tried the dark chocolate.
I'll tell you it was okay, but truthfully, these fancy cupcake shops just don't do it for me. I mean, I like walking in and seeing all the little fantastics laid out in a case just waiting for me to take them home, but when it comes down to actual enjoyment of the little cakes, none of them beat the easy, cheaper, basic cupcakes found at any grocery store bakery counter. I'm serious, they just taste better. The frosting is yummier, the cake is better and the whole experience is just far superior. So I think I'll tip my hat to the cheap and easy, no-frills cupcakes at Albertson's and Vons, thank you very much. Sure, Sprinkles, Cupcakes and Lulu's Cupcakes are all really special, but at the end of a day chasing a kid, all I really want is a tasty treat I can shove into my mouth and feast on with all the joy of an 8-year-old, you know?

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