Friday, May 9

Squiggles are the new bullet points

Jeez, my friends, I've had a rough few days. Let's roll with some short and sweet nuggets from the last week:
~ Dancing with the Stars! Oh yeah! I'm that good! Check it out ... Mario got booted from the show last Tuesday! And I called it! AGAIN! I rock!
~ Sydney doesn't appreciate it now, but when she's five, she'll think I'm so cool for knowing absolutely every lyric to every song in The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.
~ Those Hot Shots! movies really are as dumb as I remember. Ryan Stiles just incapacitated someone with a gun with two eye-poking fingers on the end of its barrel, and Charlie Sheen just shot a chicken from a bow. Ridiculous.
~ I'm so over Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes that I'm going to defend them now. It's been more than two years, people of the media, leave them be. So he did a stint on Oprah recently. He's putting himself out there again. Stop mocking. Here's a tip: Just don't go see his movies if you don't like him. That's what I've done. Oh yeah, and leave their kid alone.
~ And how cool was the astronaut on The Colbert Report last night? Seriously, I giggled throughout the entire interview! And yes, laughing in space does look like so much fun! I want to try it! But before that, I just think it's cool that NASA and The Colbert Report were able to make that happen. Rock on.

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