Thursday, May 29

Rare Marilyn Monroe photo

Isn't this one of the best pictures you've ever seen of Marilyn Monroe? I'll admit to not being much of a fan, but I can appreciate natural beauty when I see it. And the more natural shots of Marilyn have always been the best, I think. This one is recently re-discovered, and taken from silent film images from her final movie, I don't remember what the title was. I like the subtle grace of it, don't you?

I watched P.S. I Love You last night. It was really good, but I was not planning on crying throughout the entire second half of the movie! And my goodness, who doesn't fall terribly in love with Gerard Butler after having seen it? No one in this house, that's for sure! Katy really liked the book, and had suggested I read it, but I think I won't, since usually, for me, reading the book after the movie sullies the movie's impact. I wouldn't want my thoughts of the movie to be ruined because of the book's (inevitable) differences and the like. I feel the same way about watching a movie after having read the book too, so don't think it's a one-way thing for me. In most cases, it's book or movie, either one or the other.

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Anonymous said...

"The Misfits"
It was Clark Gables final movie also.