Saturday, May 10

Now that's a descriptive phrase, isn't it?

The Family Duggar, out of Rogers, Ark., consists of two parents and 17 children. Yes, you read that right. 17 children. And they've just announced that they are now expecting another baby.
I'm just going to ask straight out: Who are these people and why, why, why can't they afford condoms or birth control pills? Are you kidding me? Seventeen children and pregnant with an eighteenth? What the hell?
I'm sorry, peeps, but seriously, having more than two or three kids in this day and age is ... well, irresponsible. You know what my first thought was upon hearing this? I mean, besides, holy crap those kids must be able to just use a water slide to exit that woman's vagina. I thought, "Now that is a carbon footprint. There's no way to lesson your impact on the earth's resources when you're dealing with 18 kids." Brian's input on that train of thought was just, "Imagine the diapers they've dropped in landfills." I totally agree.
We actually watched part of a show featuring these people, apparently before their 17th kid was born, called, "On the Road with 16 Kids." We were shocked, horrified and fascinated by it. You know the family does about eight loads of laundry per day? When they traveled, they did it in a motor home, of course, but still had to share beds, sleep on benches and in chairs, and line up baby seats along the inside of the vehicle. Seriously, every time the motor home stopped for a time, it looked like an overgrown clown car with all the people filing out of it. Again, fascinating.
But still, irresponsible, too. Really? No condoms ever?

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