Monday, May 26

Now I've got eight friends

Dude, I just spent an hour messing around with my Facebook page, only to decide that I like it fine the way it is and that I don't need any of those fancy applications and stuff. So that's an hour lost of my life, and all I have to show for it is a sore knee because I've been sitting awkwardly on the bed and a back pain because I've been leaning over a laptop staring unblinking at the screen ... oh yeah, and my eyes hurt because I haven't blinked much. Anyway, as far as pages go, I think mine is pretty simple and basic, but that's the beauty of it. I think I'll add a photo album pretty soon, viewable only by my friends though, because I don't like the idea of pictures of my kid on the Internets for the world to see. I'm protective like that.

Facebook applications I've filled out, added, then deleted:
Places I've Been
100 Things
Send Cupcakes
U2 Lyrics

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