Tuesday, May 20

Kristi rocks the house!

Actually, as I blog this, I'm watching the last 20 minutes of Dancing with the Stars. Right now, they're showing the Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska montage. We'll get to the results when they happen.
But before that, I'll tell you that this cold is kicking my ass. I would say that I'm feeling better tonight because I really should be after three full days of sickness, but I'm really not. My nose is still stuffy, my head's still foggy, and the cough is even worse. On the bright side though, I just took a yummy dosage of Tylenol Multi-Symptom Cold and Cough Nighttime. As I read through the "Drug Facts," I was happy to see the phrase, "May cause marked drowsiness." Now that is what I need tonight! For whatever reason, the NyQuil hasn't been doing it for me and I've had a rough time sleeping. And not just me. Apparently, I was a "noisy sleeper" last night. To that, I say, Whatever. He's a noisy sleeper every night.

Rock on! Kristi's won Dancing with the Stars! This may have restored my faith in the voters, especially after last season's Helio/Mel B. debacle. And happiness begins again in September, when this insanely ridiculous, spangly spectacular, and fantastically fabulous show is back!

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