Tuesday, May 27

It's not you, it's me

It's not that I'm interested in breaking up with any friends as of now, it's just that the article I just finished reading on USAToday, com is a really well-written, candid and frank approach to ending a friendship. Seriously, read it here. It's a fresh look at how to best end a friendship, whether it's you doing the breaking up, or you being the recipient of the break. I like how, still, the best way to end a friendship is to just stop communicating with the person. But still, it makes me wonder about a few people that I've lost touch with, and how, more times than not, it's a mutual case of ending the communication. Some people, of course, I would love to hear from again. But others, well, it's okay that they're no longer in my e-mail addresses. It's weird how, when you sit and think about it, you can probably see in your head the demise of most of the good (and not-so-good) friendships you've had. It's totally true how every friendship is as much a relationship of the heart as every boyfriend/girlfriend. In a lot of cases, you see these people every day, or less often but still regularly, and then, for whatever reason, they're no longer in your life. It would be really sad if we all weren't better people for every experience we've had with them. Wow, this became all philosophical and disjointed without too much time spent on it, didn't it? Anyway, I thought it was a refreshing and good article tackling a subject we've all had to deal with in our lives.

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