Monday, May 12

Free rice for the hungry!

Look at this little web site that came to my attention today. It's called, Free Rice. Click here to check it out. It's basically a vocabulary test that also donates rice to hungry nations. I heard about it on the news. And let me say, it's got some pretty hard words. I actually found myself trying to figure out the roots of words, the meanings of prefixes and suffixes, and just guessing, hoping to get as much rice as I could into my little bowl. I played for a while, racked up a 43 as a high vocabulary score, and donated more than 1,000 grains of rice. I feel more intelligent now, even though I also know that I won't be using even a fraction of the words I "learned" tonight. Please click the link, Free Rice, and play!

My DWTS voting (5 votes allowed):
Kristi Yamaguchi ~ 2 votes ... again! Rock on, Kristi!
Cristian de la Fuente ~ 2 votes. This guy has grown on me as far as personality. I'm digging the choreography with only one really serviceable arm, and how he speaks Spanish to the voters even though it clearly irritates Samantha Harris. I would love, love, love to see him in the finals.
Jason Taylor, Marissa Jaret Winokur ~ no votes. It's time to bring the rain, my friends, and that means deliberately not voting for Kristi's strongest competition (Jason), and those that just don't thrill me on the dance floor (Marissa, though I guess that includes Jason, too). Sorry you two, but one of you is going home. I'll put my odds on Marissa.

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