Friday, May 16

Seven books in four months

Ugh. It's late. I should be in bed right now.
Anyway, I was talking to Katy the other night about the end of television season, and how much I was going to miss having that daily drain on my brain. I told her that I didn't know what I was going to do with myself. And then she said something fantastic: "You could read, you know. Don't you have a big pile of books to read?" She was almost like a weird, Captain Obvious thunderbolt in my head. I thought, and admitted, "Hell yeah. I got a ton of stuff to read!" And so now it will be in writing. You see that list of books over there to the left? The one that hasn't changed, by addition or subtraction, in several months? Well, I pledge that it is now my "Summer Reading List," and that I will finish at least half of them before I am allowed to buy any new books, and that by the end of the summer, they will all be finished.
Wow! How's that for an ambitious goal?
I know that I can read that much in such a time period, but it's been a long time since I've done it. And I certainly haven't done it since a special little person entered my life a year or so ago. It's amazing how much of a self control-motivated challenge this will be for me. Can I make myself read every night, as I would watch television? Can I soldier through the books that have clearly been collecting dust on my bookshelf when there are new tomes out there just aching to be purchased? Ack! Can I peacefully resolve this conflict in my book-addled mind?

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