Wednesday, May 28

A dry, arid landscape ... kinda like here

I love that the United States is again being represented on Mars. That's awesome, by the way. However, I've been so consumed with a couple different movies in my mind lately, that every time the new little machine on Mars is mentioned, I can only think that: a.) I hope it's got water, food and oxygen for the first manned mission, via Red Planet; and b.) the government had better let us know if a Decepticon shows up in any of that footage, as one does in Transformers. Other than that, I imagine it's all good on the fourth rock from the sun, and I'm intrigued by what they will learn from this mission.
Just so you know though, I still just want to go into space, not so much Mars or anything, but definitely just into space. Actual space, too, not one of those anti-gravity planes. I want a ride in the space shuttle. Mars is too much adventure ... even for me.

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