Friday, May 30

All that's missing is a turkey leg and cup of mead

Well, it was a pretty typical Friday. Play time this morning, new samba musical instruments purchased, short-lived nap to frustrate me, a crying fit because she wanted to go to bed, and oh yeah, Jon and Emily are now among the walking exhausted, i.e., new parents. Their baby boy, Benjamin, was born early this morning, and they're all doing well! Emily rocks, and I'll tell you why: she texted me when she went into labor and had received her epidural ... and, she answered the phone this morning when I called to congratulate her voicemail, fully expecting to get the message service, but instead was greeted by, "Hey you. How's it going?" All I could say was, "You are a frickin' rock star! I don't think I talked to anyone on the phone for days after I had Sydney!" I'm excited to call her back in a few days, once they're all home, to chat about it in more and better detail.
But allow me a moment to brag about my own kid (in a rare post focused on the center of my days). First of all, this afternoon, when I asked her, "Where's Sydney's mommy?" she smiled and ran over to me, gave me a tight hug and poked me in the chest. Also, when asked later who Sydney's daddy was, she ran over to Brian and gave him a big hug, too. And I wasn't kidding about the samba musical instruments. The best part (and evidence that she is brilliant and just choosing not to speak quite yet), was after we played with the instruments for a while, I loaded the samba CD that came with them so we could hear some musical accompaniment. My child, I will have you know, when hearing any one of the instruments on the CD, would pick up the corresponding instrument and play it, too. I sat there, literally, fascinated to watch her listening so closely, judging the instruments in front of her, and then picking up the castanets when the castanets where being played and the maracas when the maracas were being played. Frickin' amazing. Watching the development of her brain in her actions is the most fascinating thing I've ever seen.

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