Friday, April 25

Two spaths, some pothos and a dieffenbachia

I totally went to Lowe's this afternoon and bought some more house plants for my living spaces. Sydney and I collaborated and selected five new bits of foliage for the office and her bedroom: three for the office; two for her space. I've already potted both of her plants, and know where they're going. The others ... well, I didn't like any of the pots at Lowe's, so have announced to Brian that he is accompanying me to Target tomorrow morning so that I may buy new pots. You see, my office is kind of an eclectic space, full of my personality and Brian's dentistry, so the room is a bit of a mishmash of colors, themes and styles. (As an example, just on our walls is my Gramps' Love Me Tender poster, B's diploma from dental school, a collage of family pictures and a "Wonders of the World" wall calendar.) This is why I don't want my nice, uniform, white plant pots in that room. I want colorful and odd. I want not-matching. For that, I need Target.
But back to the point of all this, I almost feel like I can tell the difference in the air in here because now the room has plants. It's a bit cooler in temperature, and definitely lighter, meaning the air just feels easier to breathe. It's probably just my heart telling me those things, but I think I'll choose to believe in that. The whole place is happier now. Yay plants!

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