Sunday, April 13

"That's what an 8,000-pound mako thinks about."

Jeez, you guys, having a sick kid is frickin' exhausting. Yep, bless her little heart, Miss Sydney came down with a wicked virus last Thursday, posting a blistering temperature of 103 degrees that afternoon, and thrashing her dear mother for three days straight. Last night was my first decent night of sleep since last Wednesday, and even that wasn't too good. Here's hoping that she'll actually let me sleep through the night tonight. Anyway, blah, blah, blah, I'm tired.
I also just finished part 1 of my first assignment for the writing program. It was a letter of introduction to "Judy," and I actually found that I was very excited to write to her. It's an interesting thing, consolidating everything about yourself, your career, your aspirations and your weaknesses into a quick, little, informal letter. I dug the challenge though, and feel like I put together a good snapshot of myself. Tomorrow night, I'll take care of part 2, which is to make a story out of one of three individual scenes. I'll need to look at the drawings again before I select one to storify (not a word), so will give you the update on all that tomorrow.
Brian, Sydney and I checked out the Scottsdale Culinary Festival this afternoon, and I am delighted to tell you that we've found a restaurant in the Phoenix metropolitan area that makes fried dill pickles. This is a delicacy that we discovered out in Providence, R.I., and have fostered a love for through a couple random restaurants here and there. Unfortunately, we've had a hard time finding somewhere out here that serves the yummy treats (damn you, Dave & Buster's at Tempe Marketplace, damn you!). But today, at the festival, we found The Armadillo Grille, which, for a mere two tickets, was providing the populace with a deliciously crispy friend dill pickle with ranch dressing for dipping. I say, YAY! Additional excitement goes to the little coupons the restaurant was handing out for a free drink or appetizer. An order of free pickles? Huzzah!
You know how I've mentioned that HBO tends to bring out some random flicks every once in a while, and then plays them over and over and over? You remember how I told you that I easily get obsessed with a movie and will watch it over and over and over? Guess what this month's HBO movie obsession is ... you'll never guess, so I'll just tell you. Deep Blue Sea. It's a pretty random, though seemingly engaging, movie about a group of scientists and lab workers trying to survive an onslaught from the three "super" sharks that they genetically engineered. The people are trying to escape their underwater facility, which also is flooding, and the sharks are trying to eat them. Like I said, random. I remember Brian and I actually seeing this movie in the theater. I wonder now why I don't have it on DVD. Anyway, I'm watching it right now, as I write this, and I'm enjoying the symmetry.
Well, apparently, I am trying to redeem my lack of blogging by posting a ridiculously long piece on just about everything in my head right now. You know what? That's all good, but I'm going to shut down now and finish watching this movie.

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DDY has the recipe for fried pickles and makes his own.