Tuesday, April 29

Tall girls do cry ... a lot

It's so crazy how good I can be sometimes. Did I not call it, when I said that Shannon Elizabeth must go from Dancing with the Stars? Have I not been scary awesome in predicting who'll get the ax from this ridiculously amazing scene? Yes, I have been, and yes, tonight was yet another night where the person I thought should go actually went. If it keeps going along these lines, I might actually develop some respect for the rest of the yahoos that watch this show. I like it when they do what I want! It gives me a false sense of control over something that I have no control over at all! So anyway, Shannon got to cry through her "last dance," and now we can get on to some more serious, no-freakout dance competition. Do you see how I am so frickin' serious and involved here? It's actually scaring me right now!
But I can tell you that, because Katy was here and watched the show with me, Brian actually watched the show as well. Yes, people, Brian watched Dancing with the Stars. I think he's surprised that the world didn't collapse around him because he showed interest. I think he liked it, for its crazed fringe and glitter factor, despite his desire to thoroughly hate the show. I like a man with conflict in his soul. It keeps me on my toes.

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