Saturday, April 19

Slutty character ... seemingly, not a stretch

First, a clarification. I've spent some time thinking about my last post, and decided that it may have some blurred logic in it. I'd like to spell out my feelings on the subject a bit better. Consenting adults should be able to marry whoever they want. Consenting adults should be allowed to marry more than one person if they want. The important words in those two sentences are "consenting adults." That means a person of an age to make their own informed decisions. This country allows that at 18. Anyone younger than 18, who is forced into a marriage is, I believe, in an abusive situation. They must be protected. Even if it's their parents or "trusted" guardians that entered them into that situation. This protection is far more important that anyone's right to religion, or private property, or even their rights as parents.

I watched Georgia Rule last night. Let me say, that movie went in an entirely different direction than I thought it would ever go, and it disturbed me. I am not even sure what compelled me to check out this film. I'm not a fan of Lindsay Lohan. I liked her in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, but that's it. Her popularity with me has gone downhill since. My enjoyment of her acting has been affected by my judgment of her personal life. Anyway, I don't think I ruin anything by saying that the molestation and sexual abuse of an underage girl (Lohan's character) is a major plot line. I was not at all prepared for it to go that way. I saw a "bad girl goes good after a summer with Grandma" thing going on from the previews, not a "abused girl reconnects with her mom and grandma" thing. Not to mention that Cary Elwes is the gross stepdad in it, and that's just not right. When did Cary Elwes, our beloved Westley, become older and kinda fat? Shouldn't he always be young, handsome and living happily ever after with Buttercup?

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