Tuesday, April 15

Priscilla has left the building

Come on, you all know I had to go with that headline, right? Anyway, Priscilla Presley's out. No more shots of her partner, Louis, groping her just a little too much. Sadly, now more "woo." And no more ridiculously dark eyeshadow or hair flipping. I think that, without her, the competition is really going to bring it. Okay, I have nothing more to say about that.
But ... I think Kristi Yamaguchi is a ringer, and I'll tell you why. She's got the lines and graceful movements that this competition thrives on. She's got the flexibility and work ethic that is required to win. She already knows the exact ... exact ... way to curtsy on ice, er, stage. Yep, she's a ringer. And I like it.
Not too long ago, Maksim Chmerkovsky (I'm positive that I spelled that wrong) was quoted as saying that a woman will never win this competition. His reasons: because women do all the voting on the show; and women will not vote for other women. I think that the producers thought this too, and countered that logic with inviting Kristi to compete. Sure, women are women, and will more than likely vote for the guy they think is hottest, but women also love, love, love figure skating. It's a well-known fact, people. And so is this country's love for one of its own skating sweethearts, Kristi Yamaguchi.
What this show needed to get another female to hoist the great disco ball was a 1.) talented performer; 2.) natural athlete with the grace dancing requires; 3.) person who already has established themselves as one of America's favorite daughters; 4.) strong ethic to work hard and give the people the fancy-dancy routines they are dying to see. In short, they gave us Kristi. And I'll be voting for her until the end. She rocks.

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Anonymous said...

We liked and believe exactly what you said about Kristi! We think the public is getting tired of these t.v. show 'stars' being in the tabloids re:drinking,smoking,cussing, etc. and to have such a sweet lady that has already done so much for our country, come on dwts and has maintained her integrity throughout all her popularity, proves it can be done if you want to....filipinos/S.F.