Monday, April 21

Or just call him Turtle

I have decided that I no longer like the children's cartoon, Franklin. And it wasn't really until Brian asked me about it one morning that I finally put my finger on the reason why. This picture is of Franklin, the main character of the show. He's cute enough, for a turtle, and he tends to get into the fun kind of hijinks that a five- or six-year-old boy turtle would get into, so the actual message and content in the show isn't a problem.
Here's the rub: his name is "Franklin." His friends are named Bear, Beaver, Fox, Goose, Snail, Porcupine and Bat. And guess what, the friends are what they're called: a bear, beaver, fox, goose, snail, porcupine and bat. Irritating.
What I'm looking for here is a decent amount of continuity in my kid cartoons. Why should the turtle get a "real" name, while the rest are saddled with ... um ... let's say unimaginative monikers? Do the cartoon makers not think that kids can grasp a group of animal children with different names? Are the cartoon makers themselves that ridiculously uncreative? Names that go with Franklin: George, Marcus, Beatrice, Louise, Robert and Christian. You see what I did there? I came up with names for the other animals with, like, no problem. And the names are even easy enough for the kids to remember! This is the only show that, I believe, talks down to the kids from a more basic level than that of language or topic. How does a mother explain why the turtle has a real name? Is it because he's the star? Why aren't his friends important enough to have their own names?

My DWTS voting (7 votes allowed):
Kristi Yamaguchi ~ 2 votes, and my quest to see the ringer win the coveted disco ball forges on.
Cristian de la Fuente, Shannon Elizabeth, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Jason Taylor, Mario ~ 1 vote each. Cristian rocked this week, people. Shannon looked kinda awkward. Marissa performed well. Jason Taylor did well, too. Mario is creeping me out with his sexy act.
Marlee Matlin was on the no-vote side for me this evening. I like her ... I do. I applaud that she's gotten this far in the competition. But this is two weeks in a row where even I can see all the mistakes and blunders she's making. You're awesome, Marlee, but it's time to go home.

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