Tuesday, April 29

Madonna rocks, too

So I did some pop culture/technology shopping this morning at Best Buy, and came home with some treats for B and I. Because I'm the best wife in the world, and need to get him something cool to do this weekend, Brian is the new recipient of both Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and Grand Theft Auto IV. You can say it, I rock.
For me, I picked up the newest Madonna CD, Hard Candy. I'll tell you though, I don't know if I bought it this morning simply because I buy every Madonna CD, or if I really just want Madonna's album sales numbers to look better than Mariah Carey's E=MC2 numbers from two weeks ago. I really, really, really can't stand Mariah Carey and for some reason, would like nothing better than to see Madonna sell more records than her. But beyond that, I do like the new Madonna single, and I am excited to enjoy the rest of the album. The CD is, as we speak (or as I write this) being uploaded into my iTunes. This afternoon, I'll move the CD into the car, where it will enjoy many hours of playing, assuming the kid likes it and I don't have to switch over to Traveling Melodies by the Baby Einstein Orchestra too much.

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