Sunday, April 6

I'll never eat a meat pie ... ever

I just finished watching Sweeney Todd, and my goodness, is my neck tired! It should be after all the tensing, cowering and stiffening it's done over the last two hours. You remember how, after seeing The Departed, I marveled over how many people were shot in the head in that movie? Well, let me tell you, getting shot in the head has nothing on how many people get their throats slashed in this little film! Yikes! So much cheesy blood spurting and such! I've got to say though, that had I seen this on stage, I would have loved it. As a movie, it was okay. But on stage, with the music, I could see where it would be electrifying and enthralling. The chair, the twist at the end, the irony behind it all! Actually, as a movie, I quite liked it after all. I'll just let it sink in for another hour or so before I go to bed. Yep, that's what I need, some time to chew on it.

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