Wednesday, April 2

Ha, ha, funny joke

Here is Sydney's new chair at her Grandma's house, being occupied by the fantastic Clyde. Of course, you'll notice that the chair itself is lavender, as everything in the home must be some shade of purple. I can't wait for Sydney to try it out on our next visit back to California.
Okay, so this is how ridiculous I can be. In discussing the Trebek disappearing moustache tonight, Katy suggested that the whole thing was perhaps an April Fool's joke. So I, of course, went to the "source," the Jeopardy! message board, and it was confirmed that yes, the disappearing moustache was indeed an April Fool's prank that I totally noticed and got invested in figuring out. Does that mean that I fell for the joke because I noticed it, or are those that didn't notice the moustache the real victims of the prank?

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