Friday, April 4

George Michael in concert: priceless

I'm not kidding at all when I tell you that I will be sitting right here, at my computer's keyboard and Internets connection, bright and early Monday morning for a singularly spectacular reason. I am going to buy tickets to see George Michael in concert. Goodness, it just feels so cool to say that! You know, I knew that he was doing a tour ... it's my job to keep up with that stuff ... but I didn't really think about checking it out. Until, that is, I heard a local radio station giving away tickets to the show. Hearing that, I thought, "Well, hell yeah, I'm gonna go see him!" How can I really pass up the opportunity to see him perform "Faith," "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," "I Want Your Sex," and perhaps the most perfect sing-along "Too Funky"? Hey, do you think he'll sing that cool Wham! Christmas song? My head just swims in the possibilities! I'm giddy in anticipation! I am freaking out about this show and I don't even have the tickets yet! Yay!

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