Monday, April 7

Floor seats are too cool

Rock on, my peeps! I am going to see George Michael in a couple months! I am SO excited! Katy has graciously accepted my invitation to accompany me, so (yay!) I'll also have someone to sing along with, and certainly have a few beers with as well! I love it when so much cool stuff goes on in one day, and it's not even noon yet! So I got my tickets, rock-solid ones on the floor.
And I also received my first chapter portion of my instruction manual from the children's writing program! The notebook is looking pretty cool, and I've got two new textbooks to read through. I believe that there is an assignment in the package as well. I haven't finished reading through everything, but I'm excited to get through it all. Actually, it looks like the first portion of my first assignment is an informal letter to my instructor. Easy, peasy. What's next? I'll let you know later!

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