Thursday, April 3

The elephants, monkeys and bears were hiding

I sent in my enrollment confirmation and money information to the children's writing course yesterday! I'm very excited about this! I think it'll work out very well, and I'm feeling pretty awesome about having something creative, and potentially financially healthy, to do with some of my "down" time. Yay me! I've already got a few ideas and such rolling around in my head, and am looking forward to my first assignment from Judy. Sadly, my excitement will have to sustain itself for a while; the program doesn't begin until May. I'll be jotting down some more thoughts (I hope to have some viable ones) until then.
Sydney and I took part in our first playdate outing this morning! We joined Nicole and Ella, and Jenny and Reese, and some new friends, Kelly and Karston, for a stroll around the zoo. Fun! But of course, since I'm still quite the rookie at most of this, I forgot the sunscreen, and since it was still cool in our apartment, I had myself and Sydney in jeans with t-shirts. I even wore sneakers instead of flip flops. I was just a poor organizer in general. I say, at least I remembered all the snacks and she had plenty to drink! Anyway, so we were a bit warm (not boiling though), and thoroughly enjoyed the breezes whenever we got them. I'm pleased that we did something with other kids today! Now, as she sleeps, I'm going to make myself a sandwich for lunch.

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