Sunday, April 27

Click of death? I think not!

Do you remember how I wasn't going to take the time to replace all the album cover art for the music tracks on my iPod after "The Great Hard Drive Death of 2006"? Well, I spent the time doing that this evening, and I'll tell you why: Brian and Sydney bought me an external hard drive for backing up information on my computer today, so now I need not fear losing all that good stuff again. I can write, take pictures and buy music with little to no fear about it disappearing into the wild unknown of computer limbo again, and it feels good.
I haven't actually backed anything up yet. I'm waiting for the album art to be uploaded onto my iPod. Little did I know, but all the work I did affected 593 songs, and it takes some time for the computer and the iPod to get that all synced up. I think tomorrow I will start the backing up. Then I can actually remove stuff for the computer's hard drive, giving it more space to move around (figuratively and internally) helping it get a bit quicker. I just feel like the old girl is laboring lately. I mean, she's eight years old. Do you realize how many improvements and modifications have taken place in that span of time? Sure, I'd love a new computer, but that'll have to wait until I can afford it, and that'll have to wait until I get a job or sell a book. So, until all that happens, I'll be trying my best to make life easier for the iBook and me by making these little changes, improvements, and shifts in protocol.

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