Tuesday, April 8

Carolla drives off the dance floor

It's unfortunate that as goes the mouthpiece of the competition, so does one of the show's most engaging professionals. I'm sad to see Julianne leave the dance floor, but at the same time, pleased to no longer have to listen to Adam Carolla. His tendency to take over the microphone, literally and figuratively, from whoever was speaking was really, really grating. I'll be a happier person now that I won't be cringing every time he might get the opportunity to speak on live television. Again though, I'll miss Julianne, she's awesome, and I think the show will suffer a bit without her.
None of this saves me from a bit of shame from tonight. I feel so ... I don't know ... American. I watched a perfectly well done, but depressing and infuriating at the same time, documentary on rape in the Congo, and the plight of the women affected. It bothered me tremendously, mainly because the people who can do something about it don't seem to care. The government and the warring factions need to get right with themselves and leave the women and girls there alone, because, as stated in the documentary, the country will fall without its women. And sadly, the women there are being killed without dying, one by one, at the hands of their rapists. What can be done? I don't know.
But my shame in myself comes from watching this documentary, feeling the appropriate rage and need to do something to help, but then just changing the channel to Dancing with the Stars, and ultimately, having an emotional investment in that fluff show about nothing in particular. I could attempt to excuse myself for this, but I won't. It's the plight of being far enough away to put it out of my mind, I guess. How frustrating, this inability to do anything to save these women.

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-T. said...

So here's the solution: send Adam Corolla to the Congo to talk to the men..they will focus their rage on him and save the lives of millions of women, meanwhile saving those of us in the USA from his utter inanity. Its a "two-fer" Oh. I am so SO going to hell. Oh, well, at least I have been "outed".